Pip Stephenson

Pip Stephenson



It’s a pleasure to have you visit my site and get to know me a little bit. I have always been fascinated with art but felt too awkward and scared to take the subject at school. I favoured abstractness and thought I’d get laughed at so I never even tried.

I actually started my art journey by face painting. I taught myself through various books, magazines and videos so I could paint at children’s parties. I found lovely like minded people through workshops and continued to develop my skills till I became interested in body painting as well. Body painting took enormous time and patience but I really enjoyed the interaction with my models and working with talented photographers. Sometimes the paint only stayed on after completion for an hour or two. In 2013, I completed a Certificate of Makeup Design & Production. I still enjoy makeup with preference for theatre and stage application work.

My passion for abstract fluid art began as I craved permanent surfaces to work on. I wanted to be able to take more time, step back, ponder, reapply, layer, chuck it away or recreate when I pleased. Again, I began experimenting through self taught practices and am still practicing, experimenting, and taking joy from this art form.

I try to be creative every day and take even just an hour in my studio to look over what I’ve painted and what might happen soon. I also homeschool my children who are 9 and 11 years, look after my 3 dogs and 1 cat and try to remember my husband 😉

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